We think technology is amazing! We also believe responsible disposal of end-of-use electronics is the best thing to do. Our goal is be the ideal choice for sustainable electronic recycling in Sheboygan County. And we plan to have a lot of fun in the process! 

What we do...

Pickup Services


We will arrive at your place to collect any unwanted electronics you want to dispose. Give us a call or fill out a pickup request. You will be contacted to setup a time for one of our helpers to arrive. Click the button below to contact us and see a list of accepted items.

Our pickups are FREE!

Keeping Data Safe

It is vital to keep sensitive data safe securely destroyed. Because of this all hard drives and data devices are wiped to Department of Defense 5220-22.M standards or are physically shredded. In either case making data irrecoverable. We are currently working on a way to offer certification of destruction as well.

Second Life Recycling

We are committed to reclaiming and recycling electronics in a sustainable and ethical way. Our first course of action is to test and evaluate what components and items can be reclaimed and refurbished for reselling back into the market. his has the lowest impact on the waste stream. Secondly, we disassemble and ship remaining components to qualified smelters and refiners to reclaim precious metals that are then used in a variety of new products.

Why Continuous Play?

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to reducing our community's footprint through wise actions. As such we diligently track our waste and reclaiming efforts in order to continually improve our service.


Community Impact

In addition to making Sheboygan County a better place to live through recycling we are also committed to community impact projects. More details will come as Continuous Play gets off the ground.


Customer Delight

Exceptional customer service is kind of our thing! We hope you enjoy making a positive impact with us. And we will always strive to make your time with us easy and fun.